Testing, testing…

So this weekend Yarningham happened in Birmingham and I got to attend the two workshops I had booked.

They were both great and I have really been bitten by the double knitting bug (but there are a couple of lace shawls I will be knitting as well!)

Here is what I made on the day:

Hap shawl sample

If you are not a lace knitter and have a pattern you want to try don’t use wooden needles! They caused such a headache on the day because they aren’t nearly sharp enough at the tip.

Double knit heart – colours reversed on the opposite side

The person running the double knitting workshop was the Sockmatician and some of the thinks he has made are amazing.

This shawl above took him 5 months or so and is not just flat double knitting, there are bobbles, texture, overlay and lace work. All of it repeated in opposite colours on the reverse of the work.

Double knitting is brilliant because it doesn’t require blocking since the two fabrics even each other our. It’s also ideal for cold weather as the way the stitches fall make it windproof.

Since Saturday I have started a second sample of embedded squares with the very centre being reverse stocking stitch.

Nearly finished sample
Centre in reverse stocking stitch

This second sample I used double knit weight yarn on 3.5mm needles to even the tension. I also used the two colour long tail cast on to even out the bottom.

I have also ordered two books of double knitting patterns and saved quite a few on Ravelry, but I have promised myself I’ll finish one project before starting another.

Until the next time,

Rosie x

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Well it’s been a while…

I haven’t been blogging for long and when massive changes started happening this kind of fell by the wayside for me.

However things are seeming a bit more organised for me now and I am hoping to have more crafting time.

In my radio silence I started and finished my Rosewater Cocktail scarf.

I used the woodland ripple blanket pattern from attic24 and a whole Scheepjes whirl to complete 6 repeats of the pattern.

Hopefully updates will now be more frequent, but we shall see how often that is!

Until the next time,



Happy Easter

I hope everyone has got all the Easter eggs they could possibly eat this morning.

Today is Easter but also the first of April and as such sign ups for Me Made May 2018 have opened.

I have pledged to wear a minimum of one me made item per week and will be updating on each Sunday of May.

You can read more about Me Made May here.



So a few weeks ago this arrived in the post.

I had a plan for it (since you know, I ordered it) and that was to use it in our bathroom, which we are currently renovating, as a bathmat.

I ordered Scheepjes Chalista as it is 100% cotton, can be machine washed and tumble dried.

I had decided on the One Step Beyond blanket from Martin Up North. However I have been using a 4.5mm hook to make the fabric a bit denser since it will be used on the floor.

I have finished the first edge, which will then become the blue and off white main fabric and back to the border.

When I get to the other end I am going to be daring and flip the chart 180 degrees so that it will be a mirror image of itself. I’ll update soon.

Until the next time,

Rosie x


A little piece of history

Yesterday my dad rang.

“I have a present for you from your grandma”.

Cue worry of what she could be sending me since she’s still trying to convince me her bespoke oak bookcase will fit in our house (it won’t – at all – I’ve measured)

So when he turned up with it today this is what I saw:

So it’s a really, really old box, and inside the most wonderful thing.

One isn’t finished but there is spare thread. These were made by my great grandma Rose (she’s not my namesake – somehow I was named before dad knew her name).

Once I have a small enough hook I intend to finish the second doily.

But there was more.

The blue thread had a name on the little cardboard circle. When I googled it I found out they were a Stockport based company which is where all my dad’s family is from.

I’m estimating I have about 900m of blue and 2000m of cream (the balls are a little bigger). Although if you know how to calculate without unwinding the whole ball please let me know.

I don’t know what I’ll make yet but I’m hoping inspiration will strike with something worthy of being a family heirloom.

Until the next time,

Rosie x

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Dead Ted

Sorry for a brief lull in posts. I have been doing a lot of late nights at my school prepping for The Show.

It can be a bit crazy helping as a member of staff on the backstage crew but I do love it.

One of the things I get from the show is a hoodie. We have them embroidered with our logo each year which is always fabulous.

I am running into a bit of a dilemma now though. I don’t really wear hoodies and I now have 4 taking up a crazy amount of space but I don’t want to get rid of them either.

I am toying with the idea of making the backs into a quilt of some sort but I may need a few more before I can get a useful sized one.

I also got home today to find out my adorable dog had ripped off teddies head. Teddy lasted a whole month being used as a tug of war toy but hopefully now he’ll use his rope (but I doubt it!)

Hopefully with tonight being the last night there will be more wooly glory to see and share soon.

Until the next time,

Rosie x

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A Knitting Show and a Bathroom

On my last birthday I received a lovely book of knitting patterns called “Knitting from the North”. It is full of beautiful two or more colour patterns which as a returning knitter I am too terrified to try.

But I search the internet for lots of yarn/wool/craft related things everyday and recently I found a list of yarn and wool shows across the UK.

The best bit is that one of them is local to me and has knitting workshops! My salvation is at hand, my book won’t sit gathering dust for years to come! Yarningham is held in… you guessed it… Birmingham – meaning it’s a short train ride away. About a week ago they released their workshops for the weekend.

I have booked myself two workshops for a full day of knitting. I take along my 4mm needles and the rest is supplied for me.I will be learning how to double knit with two colours to get a reversible pattern. I will also be learning about Shetland Hap Shawls earlier in the day.

I am hoping that these two workshops will expand my repertoire past knit, purl, yarn over and K2T. Then I will  feel more confident to try to make some of those patterns that scare me a little bit. And if all else fails I can always frog it.

Squishy post!


Also my yarn arrived! I ordered enough balls of Scheepjes Chalista to make the One Step Beyond Blanket by Martin up North.

I will be using a 4.5mm hook to make my stitches a bit denser to use it as a bath mat.

Colours on the bathroom wall

The wonderful thing is Chalista is 100% cotton, machine washable and goes in the tumble dryer so is perfect for the bathroom. The colours aren’t half bad either…

Until the next time,

Rosie x