A sneaky plan and a bit of progress…

Not sure if I shared previously but I have two younger sisters. The youngest is turning 21 soon and I had been scouring for the perfect present when I came across this (not my work or picture but it caught my eye).

It was a CAL done by Chaos and Chop Suey and I knew as soon as I saw it it would be the perfect present because my sister loves Gilmore Girls.

All was going well:

But then this happened:

Soooooooo many ends – too many and so the project stalled.

Then I saw a tutorial where a crochet blanket was backed in fleece – “that looks snuggly” I think “and you could really hide any ugly weird bits”.

Queue the lightbulb moment.

So I’m now planning on backing the blanket with a multi coloured starry fleece (Gilmore Girls is set in Stars Hollow for those that have never watched it)

Of course I still haven’t made a whole project by following the compete pattern so I’m not doing the top banner. My sister will know what it represents as will any other fans, everyone else will just think her sister is a bit strange (not necessarily wrong either!)

Since deciding to use floats I have completed 4 rows today and am on the decrease so will hopefully get a bit speedier now. It helps that this is the largest square.

Until the next time,

Rosie x

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