History of Trees redo

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, I was unwell and couldn’t face crochet let alone typing on a screen.

I had promised an update on my frogged and restarted History of Trees project, well here we go…

It’s a bit different to the original pattern. I do live it as is but know I would never wear a triangular shawl and I really wanted to keep it all for myself mwhahahaha ( in my defense it’s super squishy and soft!) So I came up with a cunning plan to make a scarf using all the same parts of the pattern just squared off.

I have worked a chain to give me 14 V stitches in pattern using the gauge square instructions as a guide. I will work straight until I have used 3 balls ending on an odd row to complete the slightly different last row.

Then the plan is to work back into the chain and use another 3 balls to complete the other side.

In the picture above I have used about 1.5 balls. It’s going to be a looooooong scarf (that’s the plan anyway).

I also managed to find the perfect size travel project bag for popping in my handbag on the way to work, and I love it!

Until the next time,

Rosie x

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