More knitting answers…

Hello again, today I have more answers to the Q and A posed by Nothing but Knit.

1. Do you have a favourite crafting tool?

Yes my 4mm crochet hook with rubber ergonomic handle is my most used and most loved piece of equipment.

2. Which do you prefer when you craft: listening to a podcast or music, watching something on tv or silence?

If I’m home alone a reading playlist on Spotify which is mainly classical style if the other half is home either TV (generally Star Trek or something else nerdy) or whatever game he is playing at the time.

3. Do you have a favorite designer that you’d like to recommend?

Not one in particular but I generally love most things created by the Scheepjes designers (and their yarn too)

4. Most people have a favorite color, do you find you use it more than other colors? Is there a color you avoid? Why?

I find I crochet in a variety of colours but I gift a lot of what I make so don’t always choose with myself in mind. I do tend to avoid brown as it reminds me of my school uniform but even then I use it occasionally.

5. Have you experienced a crafting injury? If yes, what.

Not unless stabbing myself with the darning needle counts? I do try and stretch and not crochet for prolonged periods to avoid RSI and similar strains.

Tomorrow will be an update on my History of Trees project. But here’s a teaser to keep you going.

Until the next time,

Rosie x

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