Crochet Top Tip

Monday evening I was looking at my History of Trees shawl/scarf. I was doing well and was nearly halfway through the main part.

I intend on wearing it more as a scarf as I have little call for wraps, but when I wrapped it round my neck it felt much too thick. I decided to frog and rechain with about half the width.

But….I had had some little knots in my skeins and I had woven in the ends.

TOP TIP: never, ever, ever weave in ends until you are finished and happy.

Otherwise you will spend two hours painstakingly unpicking your woven in ends wishing the yarn hadn’t been quite so expensive because then you could just cut out the problem chunk.

On the plus side my ends are probably never going to be able to undo themselves so silver linings and all that.

Here’s my new, thinner scarf on the train.

Train Crochet!

Until the next time,

Rosie x

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