Knitting Answers

A few weeks ago over on Nothing but Knit there were two separate Q and A’s. I enjoyed reading the original one and the answers that were given so thought I’d answer the same questions here.

1. What techniques were you surprised you enjoyed?

I tried lace knitting a few weeks ago at a workshop and I knit a tiny scale hap shawl. I don’t knit much but I really enjoyed adding the lace edging at the end after the triangle was constructed.

Mini hap shawl in progress – adding the lace was surprisingly easy and fun!

2. What technique do you want to love but don’t?

Graphgans! I really like how you can make any picture that you can pixelate but I am currently making one for my sisters 21st Birthday and oh my gosh there are so many ends to weave in! Won’t be doing one again unless it’s for a very special person.

ALL OF THE ENDS!!!! (and this is only half!)

3. What is your favourite item to make?

Difficult but I think I’d go with blankets – the first item I ever completed was a crochet granny square blanket in all the colours I could find. I gifted it to my dad who was ill at the time and he really appreciated it. So have all the babys I’ve made blankets for.

4. You’re only allowed to knit with one yarn weight forever. What yarn weight is it and why?

Again tricky as I love both 4-ply and double knit but if I really had someone making me choose I’d……kick then in the shins and run away. Erm, double knit because it’s good to crochet most things and I don’t knit socks at the moment so think I could scale most things to work.

5. What item that you made is your all time favourite?

My baby Groot – it was a request from a friend for their baby and although I don’t normally listen to requests I couldn’t help agreeing to this one. He turned out cute but I think if I did another I’d use a larger softer yarn to make a really squishy one.

Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

Look out for my answers to the second Q and A tomorrow…

Until the next time,

Rosie x

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