Knitting Progress

A while ago I shared this photo with you all. It is the progress I had made with the pattern Read Between the Lines.

Read Between the Lines

But then I spotted something…a mistake.

Normally I would fix it and move on but after doing this:

Spaghetti Yarn!

the project sat on the shelf for a while so I could think about what to do with it.

In the end I decided that I wouldn’t wear a triangular shawl/scarf and frogged the entirety of what I had made.

I did a few quick calculations and cast on 200 stitches to start knitting in pattern. It starts (and will end) with striped garter stitch and has a garter stitch border running up the side.

So far I have about 3 inches done but when each row is 200 stitches it takes a while!

Hopefully there will be more of it soon. Especially since I have my eye on the newest scarf the designer of Read Between the Lines has made!

Until the next time,

Rosie x

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