Testing, testing…

So this weekend Yarningham happened in Birmingham and I got to attend the two workshops I had booked.

They were both great and I have really been bitten by the double knitting bug (but there are a couple of lace shawls I will be knitting as well!)

Here is what I made on the day:

Hap shawl sample

If you are not a lace knitter and have a pattern you want to try don’t use wooden needles! They caused such a headache on the day because they aren’t nearly sharp enough at the tip.

Double knit heart – colours reversed on the opposite side

The person running the double knitting workshop was the Sockmatician and some of the thinks he has made are amazing.

This shawl above took him 5 months or so and is not just flat double knitting, there are bobbles, texture, overlay and lace work. All of it repeated in opposite colours on the reverse of the work.

Double knitting is brilliant because it doesn’t require blocking since the two fabrics even each other our. It’s also ideal for cold weather as the way the stitches fall make it windproof.

Since Saturday I have started a second sample of embedded squares with the very centre being reverse stocking stitch.

Nearly finished sample
Centre in reverse stocking stitch

This second sample I used double knit weight yarn on 3.5mm needles to even the tension. I also used the two colour long tail cast on to even out the bottom.

I have also ordered two books of double knitting patterns and saved quite a few on Ravelry, but I have promised myself I’ll finish one project before starting another.

Until the next time,

Rosie x

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