A little piece of history

Yesterday my dad rang.

“I have a present for you from your grandma”.

Cue worry of what she could be sending me since she’s still trying to convince me her bespoke oak bookcase will fit in our house (it won’t – at all – I’ve measured)

So when he turned up with it today this is what I saw:

So it’s a really, really old box, and inside the most wonderful thing.

One isn’t finished but there is spare thread. These were made by my great grandma Rose (she’s not my namesake – somehow I was named before dad knew her name).

Once I have a small enough hook I intend to finish the second doily.

But there was more.

The blue thread had a name on the little cardboard circle. When I googled it I found out they were a Stockport based company which is where all my dad’s family is from.

I’m estimating I have about 900m of blue and 2000m of cream (the balls are a little bigger). Although if you know how to calculate without unwinding the whole ball please let me know.

I don’t know what I’ll make yet but I’m hoping inspiration will strike with something worthy of being a family heirloom.

Until the next time,

Rosie x

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